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The Koike cutting machine DELTATEC is the new worldwide standard when it comes to flexibility and accuracy in thermal  cutting with plasma and / or gas and marking with a maximum of four torch stations. It is possible to combine plasma (max. 2 stations), gas (up to 4 stations) and marking on one machine.
The DELTATEC is a rigid and compact gantry design with the latest control technology. Performed with the unique differential compensation for the guides in the toughest production conditions. Two  sided driven with gear / pinion and backlash-free planetary drive and brushless AC servo motors. Excellent dynamic characteristics for precise cutting with positioning speed up to 24.000 mm / min.


  • The DELTATEC comes, according to the wishes of the customer, in different versions, up to a cutting width of 4.100 mm.
  • Cutting length from 3.000 mm to 24.000 mm.
  • With precision plasma up to 50 mm material thickness.
  • Gas torches standard up to 150 mm, alternatively up to 300 mm.
  • The highly accurate Koike torch lift SMARTLIFT ensures optimal height adjustment. The SMARTLIFT has a tactile initial height measurement and a torch height control through the arc voltage. Mechanically and electronically protected against collision and breakage.

Technical specifications

Cutting width Up to 4.100 mm
Cutting length 3.000 - 2 x 12.000 mm
Drives System maintenance-free brushless
AC drives with planetary gearboxes
Tool stations Up to 2 plasma torches or 4 oxy-fuel torches
Cutting speed 50 ~ maximum 20.000 mm/min
Positioning speed up to 24.000 mm/min
Cutting thickness Oxy-fuel up to 150 mm
Plasma up to 50 mm
X-axis precision machine rails with precision racks
Y-axis linear guide with integrated precision racks
Z-axis SmartLift with automatic plasma height control with arc voltage encoder or capacitive sensor. Torch collision break away.
Standard shapes: 64 with variable lead-in/-out parameters
Supply voltage 230 VAC 1Ph, N, PE +/- 10%
Power consumption ca. 2kVA (machine)

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