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The Flexigraph-Smart is CNC oxy-fuel & plasma cutting machine.

The Flexigraph-Smart would surely help you improve your productivity by automating cutting application with most simple machine components and intelligent CNC system at excellent cost-performance.


  • Simple CNC on simple gantry structure.
  • High precision Dual side rack/ pinion drive.
  • Max. Rail span : 4000mm
  • Max. 2 sets of Oxy-fuel cutting torches.
  • Air Plasma cutting system is available.
  • T-type Longitudinal Rail.

Technical specifications

Main body Dual-side Drive (Rack and Pinion)
Transverse Drive Unit  Main Carriage Drive(Rack and Pinion)
Longitudinal Rail Span  3500-4000mm
Effective Cutting Width 2500-3000mm
Max. Longitudinal Rail Length 15000mm
Effective Cutting Length  Rail Length -1800m
Max. Drive Speed 10m/min
Max. Cutting Speed 6m/min
CNC Model KOIKE D430
Position of Operation Panal Left 
Power Supply for Machine 1-Phase, AC220V, 50/60Hz
Fuel Gas LPG/Acetylene
Max. Cutting Thickness Capasity / Single torch 100m
Max. No. of  Torch Carriage 2 sets
Max. No. of Gas torch w/ 1 Plasma 1Gas + 1Plasma
Air Plasma System
Conventional Air Plasma (No High Frequency-type)
(ie.)Powermax-45,85,105,and 125