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KOIKE original CO2 Laser Cutting Machine in which the Oscillator is mounted on the carriage. Even if LASERTEX fixed optical path length device is not used, the optical path length is kept fixed, providing stable beam transmission and cutting quality. 
Original KOIKE's structure of Σ box and oscillator mounted on carriage provides Stable Optical Axis and Optimum Path Length improving the cutting performance.
The Σ box (KOIKE patented technology) fixes the optical components of optical path in the fixed cox, avoiding any influence, such as deflection of structure. The pressurized clean air structure protects the optical component to become dirty, keeping the internal environment clean for a long period, which not only stabilize the optical axis but also suppresses the power loss.
After the cutting is completed, the dry running is started while the torch is raising, then the torch will start lowering just before reach the next piercing point(Frog control), reducing the time required for move. Torch Up/Down movement is improved, corresponding to the optimal position distance, reducing the risk of nozzle/torch the steel plate.
Moreover, due to the improvement of sequence, the piercing operation was speed up, which contributes with the improvement of productivity on the process of small parts and parts with large quantity of hole piercing. 


  • Shortened time of external light axis adjustment in the Σ box.
  • Corresponds to wide span in Σ box.
  • Optical axis deviation relieved for mounted oscillator.
  • The torch Up/Down speed was increased to 20m/min.
  • Productivity improvement by optimization of frog control.
  • 3 types of piercing methods available, suiting up each application.

Technical specifications

Bevel Master
Model LASERTEX-XX20Z LASERTEX-XX40Z Ceiling Mounted Type
Oscillator FANUC C2000i FANUC C4000i FANUC C6000i
Rating Output 2000W 4000W 6000W
Type of Laser Carbon Dioxide Laser
Structure Oscillator on Carriage type/ ΣBOX
CNC FANUC Series 31i
Rail Span 4500-6500mm(Increments of 500mm)
*Extensible up to 8500mm as special option.
Rail Length 4800×Nmm (Max. 50000mm)
Effective Cutting Width Rail Span  -1000mm
Effective Cutting Length Rail Length -3000mm Rail Length -3000mm Rail Length -4000mm
Max. Cutting Speed 10000mm/min
Max. Rapid Traverse Speed 24000mm/min
Max. Torch Up/Down Speed Manual Feed : 3000mm/min
Automatic Operation : 20000mm/min
Cutting Thickness Mild Steel 3.2-16mm 3.2-22mm 3.2-25mm
Stainless Steel 1.5-8mm 1.5-12mm 1.5-25mm