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FLAME PLANER is equipped with multiple gas vertical cutting torch.Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for cutting of flat steel by cutting a straight lines simultaneously.
Gantry structure provides the possibillity to set freely the rail span, from small to large span with 500mm interval, and the maximum of 40 Cutting Torches can be installed.
In addition to the vertical cutting(I-Cut), bevel cutting of V, Y, X, K can be performed by one pass using a bevel block. The preceding cutting torch and heating tip are incorporated in the block, corresponding to the Sapin cut.
Moreover, various customizations are available, such as the addition of auto cross cutting function, for cutting the front and reat of the steel plate, Front/Rear type, bevel blocks in the rear and multiple cutting torches in front of machine.


  • Minimum Torch Distance 55mm.
  • Maximum Number of Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torches up to 40. 
  • Maximum number of Oxy-Fuel bevel cutting torches that can be mounted is 4.
  • Auto cross cutting function option.
  • If it is front/rear type then various tools can be installed.

Technical specifications

Machine structure Gantry Bridge / Single Side Drive
Drive System Rack and Pinion
Rail span 4000-12000mm(Increments of 500mm)
Total Rail Length 4800×Nmm
Effective Cutting Width Rail Span -1000mm
Effective Cutting Length Rai Span 4000-5500mm Rail Length -3400mm
Rail Span 6000-9000mm Rail Length -4200mm
Rail Span 9500-12000mm Rail Length -5200mm
Rail Weight 37kg/m or 50kg/m
Maximum Cutting Speed 1200mm/min
Max. Number of
Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torches
Vertical Cutting Torch 40 Torches
Bevel Cutting Torches 4 Blocks
Minimum Torch Distance Vertical Cutting Torch
(without Forward/Backward Adjuster)
Bevel Cutting Torch Block 550mm
Cutting Thickness 5-250mm
Clutch Electromagnetic Clutch