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The plasma unit provides high quality cutting in stainless steel.
Dry cutting or Under water cutting is possible depending to the application, and same excellent quality and featres are achieved by both.
Under water cutting can be also used as an alternative for Water injection plasma.
280A, 440A, 600A plasma unit are available for cutting of Stainless Steel max. 150mm thichness.
In addition, aluminum can also be cut with high quality.


  • Small diameter nozzle and optimal cooling structure achieves high corner accuracy and verticality.
  • Silver surface cut till 19mm thichness in Stainless Steel by underwater cutting.
  • Same torch unit for both Dry and Under water cutting.
  • Max. cutting capacity of 150mm in Stainless Steel at 600A.
  • One-touch attach&detach design torch head.

Technical specifications

KOIKE SUPER PLASMA HiFocus Series - Main Specification



Power Supply Model         Hifocus 280i neo Hifocus 440i neo Hifocus 600i neo
Input Power Supply

Three-phase 400/440V 50/60Hz
Three-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz (only 280i and 440i)

Rated Input 67kVA 127kVA 180kVA
Rated Current 280A 440A 600A
Current Adjustable Range 10 ~ 280A 10 ~ 440A 10 ~ 600A
Usage Rate 100%
Plasma Gas t10 ~ 32mm: H35( H2 35% + N2 65% )
Shield Gas
Working Pressure 0.9 ~ 0.99Mpa
Outline Dimension (W × L × H) 680 × 1030 × 1450mm

680 × 1030 × 1450mm
× 2 units

Cutting Thickness

(Stainless Steel)


2.3 ~ 50mm 6 ~ 100mm 6 ~ 150mm
Under water 10 ~ 30mm 10 ~ 70mm 10 ~ 70mm
Torch Torch Model PerCut 450M PerCut 611
Max. Working Current 440A 600A
Usage Rate 100%
Cooling System Water Cooling (Circular)
Torch Lead Length 1.5m
Outline Dimension φ57 × 450mm

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