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All PNC-12 EXTREME comes with FigDef8/PNC-CAM2A NC programming software as standard. PNC-CAM2A have Auto nesting & Auto Sequence functions. Compared to other products in its class PNC-CAM2A does more to automatically embed cut process expertise into the NC code.

There is another software “PNC-CAM 2AM” that is PNC CAM with Plasma punch marking.If you have any requests, please contact with our distributor in your country or Koike Sanso Kogyo Co.,Ltd..


  • PNC-CAM2A is a CAD/CAM software specially designed for KOIKE PNC Series. 
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by lead in/out adujustment and nesting.
  • Virtually every shapes can be programmed for cutting.
  • Additional pattern shapes for easy shape creation.
  • New version of PNC-CAM is available for "Auto nesting" and "Auto sequence" function.