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The Flexigraph 1530 cutting machine is a robust high-quality CNC controlled cutting machine, suitable for economical and good quality cutting of metals up to 20 mm (depending on machine configuration). The FLEXIGRAPH 1530 is a 'plug and cut' machine, rail and cutting table are one integral construction. This compact design enhances the stiffness of machine and floor space efficiency.Positioning accuracy is facilitated through the use of precision AC Servo Motors and Planetary Gears attached directly to the Rack and Pinion. This design is extremely reliable and offers a high positioning accuracy, with backlash free gears and traverse speeds of up to 18.000 mm/min. The combination of the latest CNC technology, Hypertherm's Power max plasma system, robust frame construction and ease of use do create an economical cutting machine for many applications.


  • Strong and stiff machine construction
  • Choice of plasma units
  • 'Plug and Cut' Design - installed in almost no time
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Easy to use CNC controller with 15" touchscreen
  • Direct DXF import
  • Automatic height control (depends on machine configuration)
  • Pneumatic floating head for thin sheet metal (depends on the machine configuration)

Technical specifications

Machine type Air Plasma Ready Type
Main body Dual-side Drive
Effective Cutting Width 1,550mm
Effective Cutting Length 3,050mm
Drive Method Rack&Pinion drive for X and Y axes
Servo Drive Panasonic AC servo drive
Cutting Speed Maximum 6M/min
Rapid Traverse Speed 12M/min
CNC System KOIKE D470
Cutting Capacity Depend on plasma cutting system
Plasma Torch Height Control AVC type, Model HP-103
Plasma Torch Holder De-coupler type with initial height sensing

Optional Plasma System

Power source

Kjellberg Cut Fire 100i


Primary Power supply 3X400V, 50 Hz 3X400V, 50 Hz
Output Current 20-100 A 30-105 A
Cutting Range
  • Maximum
  • Recommended

20 mm
10-12 mm

20 mm
12 mm

Dimension (LXBXH) [mm] 710X280X590 592X274X508
Weight 50 kg 50 kg
Power Source capacity 16.6 KVA 16.8KVA

Specification of Controller


D 470

Screen size

15” High Brightness Color LCD.


Control Accuracy

:+/- 0.001mm

Working Temperature

0-50 degree Celsius

Relative Humidity

5-95 %

No. of shapes


Key Board

PCB  foiled keyboard


NC Program EIA format


Interface at least 12 GB disk supportable