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Company Outline

Since our establishment in 1918, Koike has played a major role in the development of key industries, as an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of machine tools that use gas as a power source. Over the years, we have pioneered the development of plasma and laser cutting machines and commercialized state of the art automated systems using CNC controls that kept pace with the latest market needs.
At the same time we established a network to supply total systems, from gas, welding, cutting solutions and related equipment, to fill our customers' needs.
We are total system supplier of gas, welding, and cutting solutions. Koike develops, manufactures, and sells various types of gases, welding and cutting machines, systems, and related products to industries that process steel plates, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal products and parts.
Demand for our products and services come industries such as ship-building, structural steel, bridge construction, architecture, construction machinery and industrial machinery. However, our products are also widely used by manufacturers of other goods such as automobiles, earth moving equipment, defense vehicles and electric appliances. Our gas technology is used in many areas such as for the production of semiconductors, medical equipment, food items, and recreational goods.
Our plasma, gas and waste gas treatment technologies that we have developed over the years are major contributors to the remarkable growth of our environmental operations. This applies particularly to the development of systems for analyzing and treating air/water pollution and household/industrial waste materials.

Techno Center of Koike Sanso Kogyo Co. Ltd., Chiba, Japan