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Bevel Master

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Specialized in the flame beveling of steel shapes commonly used in the construction machinery and shipbuilding industry. By combining a work piece touch sensor the part position deviation can be corrected.
High quality bevel cut is provided even in shapes that includes arcs by using the 6-axis articulated robot. The KOIKE’s 2D CAD/CAM software “KAP” is available in this
system, and program for the robot can be created from the parts data. By the connecting with KAP interoperability achieved is similar to a NC Cutting Machine, solving the problem of decrease of production efficiency due to the teaching work in the conventional robot operation.


  • By adopting the 6axis articulated robot, high qualitty and automated curved bevel cutting is possible.
  • Offline automatic programming is possible, it is perfect choice for multi-product production.
  • A pin Cutting Table is used to support the work piece, there is no need for any work piece jig.
  • The position deviation at the time of workpiece setting is corrected by the mounting of the touch sensor.
  • Cutting of large work piece is also possible by using the traveling Slider and Overhanging System.

Technical specifications

Bevel Master
Structure Fixed Type Ground Traveling Type Ceiling Mounted Type
Robot Type Panasonic TL-1800
Touch Sensor Sensing Probe Type
Number of Motion Axis 6-axis 7-axis
Effective Cutting Thickness 1000×1000mm 1000×4000mm 2000×6000mm
Max. Cutting Thickness 50mm (Please consult in case of thick plate more than 50mm)
Max. Bevel Angle 45° Positive/Negative
Fuel Gas for Cutting LPG or SUPERCUT H (Hydrogen mixed gas)
Hi/Low Switch Yes