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Housing type of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for medium thickness plate. The maximum fast forward speed is 100m/min, and acceleration is maintained at 1G by rack and pinion, providing significantly improvement on the production efficiency compared to conventional Laser Cutting Machine.
The merits of FIBERGRAPH are inherited, to enables the high speed movement of 100m/min, then production efficiency is further pursued. The corners are processed at a maximum accceleration of 1G due to the combination of high output server and high rigidity frame, providing a corner sharp accuracy without using minute cutting process.
In addition, even increasing the speed of rack and pinion, the initial cost and electricity consumption is suppressed as compared to the linear drive system. There are 2 sizes available 5'×10' and 8'×20'. FIBERTEC is a compact housing type that can be installed in a limited space, for medium thickness plate with specified-length. Moreover, palette changer is a standard equipment, and the productivity is improved by connecting with the stocker options.


  • Oscillator is available in 2kW, 3kW, 5kW.
  • The piercing time is about 1/2 compared to CO2 Laser.
  • The power consumption of the Oscillator and Chiller unit is 1/3 compared to CO2 Laser.
  • Running cost is about 1/2 compared to CO2 Laser.
  • Small changes over time and frequent specifications' adjustment is not necessary.
  • Damage of condenser lens is reduced by installing the protective glass.
  • Drawer type slag removing bucket is a standard equipment.
  • Conveyor under cutting table for the product taken out is an optional equipment.
  • Improvement in the productivity by the extension to Stocker interlocking system.

Technical specifications

Oscillator YLS-2000 FF3000i-A YLS-5000
Rating Output 2000W 3000W 5000W
Type of Laser FIber Laser
Structure Gantry Bridge / Stand-Alone Oscillator
CNC FANUC Series 31i
Effective Cutting
Range (W×L)
'5×'10 type 1550×3080 mm
'8×'20 type 2500×6100mm
Max. Cutting Speed 15000mm/min
Max. Rapid Traverse Speed 100000mm/min
Max. Torch Up/Down Speed Manual Feed : 3000mm/min
Automatic Operation : 20000mm/min
Cutting Thickness Mild Steel 3.2-19mm 3.2-22mm 3.2-32mm
Stainless Steel 1.5-8mm 1.5-12mm 1.5-28mm
Traverse Speed of Pallet Changer 20000mm/min