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Custom-K series

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With the CUSTOM-K101,K202 & K206, constant flows of gases are maintained for your job.
The CUSTOM-K101,K202 & K206 meet the needs of the industries for compact and economical pressure regulators and make your cutting,
welding and heating operation safe and effective.
We recommend you to install the KOIKE flashback arrestors to the CUSTOM-K101,K202 & K206 to maximize safety.


  • Middle pressure regulator 

Scope of delivery

  • Regulator
  • Operation instructions

Technical specifications

Model Gas Pressure gauge (Mpa) Flow capacity Body weight
Inlet Outlet Max. Delivery pressure [Pressure] (kg)
Custom K101 Oxygen 25* 2.5 0.99 25Nm3/h 1-1.5
Custom K202 Acetylene 2.5* 0.2 0.13 5Nm3/h 1-1.5
Custom K206 Propane [0.05MPa]

*Maximum allowable inlet pressure for Custom regulator is as shown below.

Custom K101: 15Mpa, Custom K202: 2.5Mpa, Custom K206: 1.8Mpa.