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The IK-12 Max 3 is the premium product of our assortment! This motorized hand cutting machine allows different types of oxy-fuel/plasma cutting and automated welding.
There are three major parts to the system. The advanced motorized carriage, a cutting torch unit, the plate track and accesories. All serving as independent units, the customer can choose the system for his specific requirements.
The Speed Control utilizes an exclusive KOIKE Double Cone Stepless Speed System, which functions with a condensor motor rotating at regular speed to prevent heat and voltage problems. In addition, the condensor motor rotates at a constant low speed ( 1,500 rpm), extending the service life of bearings.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Unrivaled robust and heat-proof machine
  • Excellent traction
  • Steady travel due to a well balanced center of gravity
  • Very high number of operation hours (more than 5000 h) due to the double cone drive
  • Speed (80-800 mm / min.) High Speed (240-2400 mm / min.)
  • Heat protection shield on the cutting side and the base plate
  • Gas and plasma cutting as well as automated welding
  • Cutting area of 0,5 to 600 mm
  • Easy maintenance

Scope of delivery

  • Base machine IK-12 Max 3
  • Connecting lead
  • Operation instructions

Technical specifications

IK-12 Max 3
Cutting thickness Depends on the torch set
Cutting speed Standard  80-800 mm / min (50Hz), 100-1,000mm / min (60Hz)
ML-Type 40-400 mm / min (50Hz), 50-500mm / min (60Hz)
S-Type LOW Speed 80-800 mm / min (50Hz), 100-1,000mm / min (60Hz)
HIGH Speed 240-2400 mm / min (50Hz), 300-3,000mm / min (60Hz)
Transmission System Double cone speed system
Motor Condenser type Induction Motor 9/10W(50/60Hz)
Total length 430 mm
Track width 160 mm
Type of gas Acetylene, propane
Weight 11.0 kg (only main body)

Available accessory

TORCH SET ( IK-12 Max 3 )





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