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WEL-HANDY MULTI II series succeeds merits of conventional model such as light weight, strong traction force, and
extensibility for various works. And WEL-HANDY MULTI II series are renewed for higher performance.

7 kg body weight of high portability, magnet adsorption, and 4 wheels drive provide running stability (constant speed).


  • Built-in Permanent Magnet

    By turning down the lever on side of machine, built-in magnet is attracted to the steel plate, it demonstrates the high traction pulling the torch lead.

  • Aluminum Die-cast Body

    The aluminum die-cast molded body provide its light-weight and sturdy.(Net Weight 7kg by Standard Specification)

  • Torch Slide unit

    Each 45mm of adjustment has been ensured in back and forth, up and down.Smooth operability, it can be fine adjusted the torch position even during welding.

  • Guide Roller Arm

    No need to install a rail.Guide Roller Arm will trace the surface of vertical plate.Besides standard type shown in the picture,other types of Guide Roller Arm are also available as option for various different applications.

Scope of delivery

  • Welding portable Wel-Handy Multi II
  • Connection cable
  • Tool set
  • Operation manual

Technical specifications

Model Name WEL-HANDY MULTI II (Standard)
Machine Weight Standard Magnet Model: 6.9 kg
Strong Magnet Model: 7.5 kg
Machine Dimension(W×D×H) 277mm(W)×255mm(D)×264(H)
Traction Force 16kg
Gap(F.L. ~ Bace Board) 6mm
Magnet Up and Down
Magnet Lever
Driving Method 4-Wheel Driving Rubber Roller (Chain Transmission)
Magnet-type Permanent Magnet
Traverse Speed 50~1500mm/min
Tracing Method Guide Roller (being pushed against Vertical plates)
Applied Posture Standard Magnet Model: Horizontal position Fillet Welding
Strong Magnet Model: Vertical position Fillet Welding


Torch Angle 40°~55°
Up and down 45mm
Forward and
Forward and
5° Angle at both Forward / Backward
Stop Function
Limit Switch
(equipped at both sides of Carriage at FL +20 mm height)
Fine Adjustment of
Carriage Position
Non-Welded Portion Approximately 270 mm
(in total at both Start and End point)
Power Cable Y-Branch Cable (Power and Signal cable Integrated)
● Carriage ~ Branch: 6 m,
● Branch ~ Power: 10 m,
● Branch ~ Wire Feeder: 0.5 m (with matching Panasonic-type Connector)
※ Please consult when using welding machine other than Panasonic.

Welding Torch

Straight WHM (C) - 350S & 500S
Curved 350A & 500A

Torch Hold Diameter

Straight Torch Holder: φ20 mm
Curved Torch Holder: φ16~20 mm Diameter
Moter DC Motor with Encoder
Input Power AC100~240V 50/60Hz