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Wel-Handy Multi II WEAVING

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WEL-HANDY MULTI II WEAVING is equipped with weaving option to increase weldability and quality in multi-pass welding. The Weaving option is only available for the WEL-HANDY MULTI II WEAVING.


Benefits & Features:

  • Multi Purpose Welding
  • Solid Aluminum Body
  • Light Weight at 9.8kgs
  • No Track Required
  • Fillet welds and corner joints can be done without the need for track. Butt and Lap joints are possible by using angle iron as a guide.
  • Limit Switches on Carriage Ends
  • Automatically stops machine and weld at predetermined stop point
  • Horizontal or Vertical Use
  • Weld in flat or vertical up position
  • Remote Controlled Weaving Option
  • Allows user to dial in weave settings on the fly while viewing live weld
  • Digital input
  • Weaving length & times/ minutes, stop time can be input digitally.
  • Driving speed indicator
  • Actual driving speed is indicated by digital input.

Technical specifications

Model Name WEL-HANDY MULTI II (Weaving)
Machine Weight Strong Magnet Model: 9.8 kg
Machine Dimension(W×D×H) 310mm(W)×265mm(D)×264(H)
Traction Force 12kg
Gap(F.L. ~ Bace Board) 6mm
Magnet Up and Down
Magnet Lever
Driving Method 4-Wheel Driving Rubber Roller (Chain Transmission)
Magnet-type Permanent Magnet
Traverse Speed 50~1500mm/min
Tracing Method Guide Roller (being pushed against Vertical plates)
Applied Posture Standard Magnet Model: Horizontal position Fillet Welding
Strong Magnet Model: Vertical position Fillet Welding


Torch Angle 40°~55°
Up and down 45mm
Forward and
Forward and
5° Angle at both Forward / Backward
Stop Function
Limit Switch
(equipped at both sides of Carriage at FL +20 mm height)
Fine Adjustment of
Carriage Position
Non-Welded Portion Approximately 305 mm
(in total at both Start and End point)
Power Cable Y-Branch Cable (Power and Signal cable Integrated)
● Carriage ~ Branch: 6 m,
● Branch ~ Power: 10 m,
● Branch ~ Wire Feeder: 0.5 m (with matching Panasonic-type Connector)
※ Please consult when using welding machine other than Panasonic.

Welding Torch

Straight WHM (C) - 350S & 500S
Curved 350A & 500A

Torch Hold Diameter

Straight Torch Holder: φ20 mm
Curved Torch Holder: φ16~20 mm Diameter
Moter DC Motor with Encoder
Input Power AC100~240V 50/60Hz