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The Powermax® family of products consists of seven highly portable, professional grade air plasma systems. Built to withstand heavy duty use in demanding industrial environments, the systems are an ideal choice for hand or automated cutting and gouging of any electrically conductive metal; depending on system size, they offer a severance cut capacity from 16 mm (5/8") at 30 A to 57 mm (2-1/4") at 125 A.


  • Cut metal quickly and cleanly
  • Cut or gouge any electrically conductive metal
  • KOIKE mostly recommend the Powermax serias to use on plasma type of PNC series cutting machine.
  • Powermax system requirements: AC power source, Compressed air Safety equipment and proper ventilation

Technical specifications

Powermax series - Main Specification
Power Supply Model Powermax
85 105 125
Input Power Supply 1-phase


- -
3-phase 200~380V 480~600V
Rated Input 12.2kW 21.9kW
Current Adjustable Range 25 ~ 85A 30-105A 30 ~ 125A
Usage Rate

60% @85A

80% @105A 100% @125
Gas Supply
Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen
Gas inlet Flow rate 11m3/h 13m3/h 16m3/h
@Pressure @0.59MPA
Outline Dimension (W × L × H) 234 × 500 × 455mm 274 × 592 × 508mm 274 × 592 × 508mm
Approx. Weight 32kg 45kg 48kg
Input Power Cable Length 3M

Maximum Cutting Thickness

Mild Steel 20mm 22mm 25mm
Stainless Steel 20mm 20mm 20mm
Aluminum 20mm 20mm 25mm