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FANUC 30i Series

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The Series 30i CNC control system is designed for high performance machines based on the demands of machine tool manufacturers and machine operators. The control system is ideal for modern, high-performance machines, requiring a large number of axes, multiple channels and complex and extremely fast functions, such as transfer machines, complex machining centres, 5-axis machines and milling/turning centers.

Supported machine configurations

FANUC CNC controllers are flexible in their application to the machine tool design where either 5-axis simultaneous or "3 + 2" operation is involved. Rotary axes can either
manipulate the tool, the part or a combination of both. Where the productivity of a machine is enhanced by the design of special heads and tables relying on a defined plane of rotation, FANUC CNCs are easily configurable by the Machine Tool Builder.

Fully digital system

Thanks to the limited number of components, the design of the control enclosure is simplified and requires a minimum of wiring. If the control and the display panel are separated,
an optical fibre connection provides guaranteed data exchange at distances of up to 100 m. A similar optical fibre connection is also utilized between the control and the drives. Digital technology throughout ensures that any data transfer can be performed quickly and error-free.

Integrated PLC/PMC

An integrated, ultra-fast PMC processor controls and monitors
the rapid and smooth operation of all machine peripheral devices. The PMC sequence control offers execution speeds of 25 ns/step for ladder logic programs, up to three of which can be executed at the same time.

Drive systems

For optimum machine tool performance, FANUC offers a totally integrated range of drives and motors. Simple maintenance,
high quality, compact design, exceptional power and efficiency are key factors inherent in their design.

High-Speed-Ethernet ‘on board'

The Series 30i/31i/32i CNC has an Ethernet interface. This allows the user to integrate the CNC control systems in to a company network. World-wide links can be set up via the Internet. This makes remote diagnosis and maintenance, including online training, possible.


Functions for simultaneous 5-axis machining

  • Tool Centre Point Control (TCP)
  • 3D Cutter Compensation Tool
  • Posture Control Tool
  • Cutting Point Command