KOIKE OthersControls


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Control Spec

  • Operating system:WINXPE
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Hard disk: 2GB Electric hard disk
  • USB interface X1
  • 15 inch touchscreen
  • 10/100M adaptive net card


Function Features

  • EIA & ESSI code automatic identification;
  • Manual correct of steel plate angle ;
  • Matrix,zigzag,repeated permutation;
  • Edit cutting code;
  • Graph mirror, rotation and zoom;
  • Manual input of kerf compensation and cutting speed;
  • Preview of cutting graph
  • Standard graph database
  • I/O Display and Diagnose Function
  • Fixed point movement
  • Real-time display of current coordinate, condition of I/O port and information of piercing point
  • Machine Max speed 10000mm/min
  • Max marking speed 8000mm/min
  • Memory of break point and power off
  • Simple manual nesting function
  • With cutting demo mode
  • Traveling cutting
  • Traverse
  • Select piercing point for cutting: in cutting process, select hole number to have the cutting  machine start cutting at random programmed pierced point