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The control system is lightweight and portable, easy to operate, easy to use, all with a menu or graphical prompts, all the key switch humane design, comfortable and convenient.
DSP motor control chip by the composition of the core control system, DSP control motor makes the cutting process more stable and reliable.

CNC Specification

LCD Monitor 10.4inch, 800×480
Interpolation Function 2 Axis Control
Input Medium USB Flash Memory
Input Code EIA
Input Format Based on EIA 
Program Unit 0.001mm
Max. Input Value ±999999.999mm
Min. Output Unit 0.001mm
Command of Feed Speed Manual date input on CNC screen
Commanded by F code
Spare Memory Available 256MB electronic hard disk
Max Lines of Program Code 150,000 lines
Max Size of Single Code File 4MB
Preinstalled Standard Pattern (Shape) Librally 47
Working Temperature 0~45 ℃
Relative Humidity 0~95%