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FANUC 0i Series

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Series 0i-D is designed for commodity machines that demand the ultimate in reliability, performance, connectivity and safety. The Series 0i-D provides over 200 high-value features in the standard configuration. Performance, accuracy, surface finish and reliability are optimized with high-performance hardware and innovative software. A wide range of industry-standard protocols are supported for low-cost and flexible integration with manufacturing and business systems.



Value Nano CNC with high reliability

  • Excellent cost-performance, arithametric capacity is further strengthened with advanced technology on hardware.
  • Leading-edge technology achieves ultra-compact CNC with simplified cables and high-reliability.
  • Cost-performance oriented configuration with ßi series servo.

Enriched control function

  • Basically mounted Nano interpolation enhances surface smoothness
  • High-Speed, High-Quality machining with AI contour control II and Nano smoothing.
  • Suitable for various machines from general machining center / lathe to 2-path latche.

Ultra-Compact CNC with Simplified cables, High reliability

  • Ultra-Compact CNC is realized through LCD display with integrated CNC.
  • A few number cables are provided for ultra high-speed serial communication.
  • The adoption of ECC technology, which corrects an error during data transfer.


  • 15" Color LCD display
  • Touch screen function
  • 48 Standard pattern
  • 5 Axis control board
  • EIA program format
  • SSD: System 2GB, Data 6GB
  • USB Memory port
  • MDI (Manual Data Input)
  • RS-232C Port for Ext. devices
  • Local Area Network port
  • Windows XP Embedded Operating System