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MD-R Positioner Series

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KOIKE's medium size positioners, the MD-R type Series, ensures required performance and equipped weight while downsizing the actual positioner. Perfect for operations in limited space.


  • Rotation table incline range secured at 0-135°
  • Compact main body design

Technical specifications

MD-R Positioner Series
Model type MD-1000R MD-3000R MD-5000R
Maximum equipping load 1000kg 3000kg 5000kg
Table diamension φ1,000mm □1,040mm □1,400mm
Incline speed(rpm) 50Hz:0.54,60Hz:0.65 50Hz:0.51,60Hz:0.62 50Hz:0.28,60Hz:0.34
Incline Torque N/m(kgf/m) 6000(610) 10200(1050) 37000(3800)
Maximum load Tolerated center of gravity height(mm) 430 139 430
Table tilt angle 0~135°
Table rotation Max. 0.1rpm 0.028rpm 0.026rpm
Min. 2.0rpm 0.5rpm 0.5rpm
Table height at vertical level 1,200mm 1,608mm 2,000mm
Rotation Torque N/m(kgf/m) 3100(320) 6400(650) 18700(1900)
Maximum load Tolerated eccentricity distance(mm) 280 210(at 6-60Hz)*1
135(at 60-100Hz)
Tolerant welding electric current 550A
Outside dimension (W×D×H) 975×1000×1,209mm 1,470×1,520×1,600mm 1,820×2,090×2,000mm
Body weight 1,400kg 3,300kg 4,300kg
Input power source 3 Phase 200V 50/60Hz

*1 Control panel internal inverter display value.