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LD-RW Positioner Series

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 A high-functioning small positioner series that allows for automation of circumferential welding with a single unit.
It can also be extended using the weaving unit (sold separately) or the exterior operation BOX.

 A more advanced model that adds a welding interlocking function to the small positioner LD-R series.
 When combined with the scroll fastener and torch stand, it makes up an automatic circumferential welding system with little effort.
 Adding the optional weaving unit function expands the welding range even further.
[Structure example/Twin torch weaving]
LD-150RW Positioner
Weaving Unit WU-3R×2
Remote Pendant
Scroll Fastener WP-300
Torch Stand L


  • Automates circumferential welding just by including a connector
  • Reduces wires with an internal controller
  • Compatible with crater current switching of welder
  • Conditions can be managed easily with the digital display

Technical specifications

LD-RW Positioner Series
Model  LD-60RW LD-150RW LD-300RW LD-600RW
Maximum horizontal load 60kg 150kg 300kg 600kg
Maximum vertical load 30kg 120kg 200kg 500kg
Table diameter φ300mm φ380mm φ450mm φ620mm
Table inclined shaft method  Manual Electric
Tolerant inclined torque(kgf/mm) Manual 141500
During max. vertical load tolerant inlined torque(kgf/mm) Manual 141500
Table -Tilt access distance 96mm 100mm 133mm
Table incline angle -135~135° 0~90°
Table rotation speed Max. 0.42rpm 0.15rpm 0.23rpm 0.2rpm
Min. 16rpm 6.2rpm 4.6rpm 1.10rpm
Table Rotation Torque (kgf/m) 1500 3000 8000 50000
During max. vertical load tolerant center of gravity eccentricity 50 25 40 100
Setting Items Standard Function rotation speed adjustment, normal rotation/reverse switch, automatic circumferential welding mode/manual operation mode switch,
initial arc time settings (0~9.999 sec.), overwrap time settings (0-99.99 sec.)
WU-3R Weaving unit swing speed settings (400-1500mm/min), weaving unit swing width setting (0-100.0mm), weaving unit left/middle/right stop time (0-10 sec.)
Tolerant welding electric current 500A 750A
Operation Panel Installed in main body Remote Pendant
Outside dimension (W×D×H) 421×579×379mm 542×747×432mm 575×750×550mm 744×993×728mm
Main Body weight 35kg 66kg 115kg 271kg
Input power source Single Phase 100V-240V 50/60Hz 3 Phase 200V 50/60Hz