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PNC-12 Extreme

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The PNC-12 EXTREME is a whole new innovative cutting solution developed with KOIKE's highest standard. It is a perfect machine to enter the world of CNC cutting. Based on the demands from the market for a simple, affordable, and versatile CNC cutting machine, KOIKE designed a machine that is portable, operated by CNC, and suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. Due to its compact size and portability, installation of the machine is easier than ever. Assembly and setup of all components, such as machine body, rail, and cross bar do not require any special measuring tools. PNC-12 EXTREME is pre-adjusted at our factory before shipping, what customer needs to do at the installation site is to simply slide in all components together, and connect cables.

Flexibility to your cutting needs
The  PNC-12 EXTREME  is pre-configured with different sizes.  Koike  selected  the  rail  to  be  made  of  robust structred  steel,  which  ensures  long  lasting  durability under  heavy  duty  working  environment.   Cross  bar  is held  with  widened  linear  guide  blocks,  stabilizing  the torch  even  when  the  cross  bar  is  extended  to  its maximum length. The PNC-12 EXTREME Plasma model comes with  Initial  Torch  Height  Sensor (IHS), arc voltage height control (AVC), torch break away system, and 35 mm diameter plasma torch holder. Optional Conversion Kit from Plasma model to Oxy-fuel model comes  with  an  oxy-fuel  torch  set  with integrated  automated  piercing  sequence  program  and gas  on/off  solenoid  valves  on  all  gas  lines. 


  • Ideal for all customers looking for a simple CNC cutting solution
  • Plug and cut - minimal installation time
  • Easy and simple CNC operation with pre-installed shape templates
  • Suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting
  • Compatible with most of air plasmas available in today's market
  • Comes standard with KOIKE CAD/CAM software, "PNC-CAM2A"

Technical specifications

PNC-12 Extreme
Machine body Type 1000 1250 1500
Effective cutting width 1000mm 1250mm 1500mm
Longitudinal rail length 1000mm,3000mm,3500mm Selectable
Effective cutting length 1500mm,2500mm,3000mm Selectable
Rapid travel speed 3,000mm/min
cutting speed 100-2,000mm/min
Supply voltage 1Phase,110V or 220V/230V Selectable by internal switch
Heat shield plate Provided at side of the machine and the torch motor

Oxy-fuel cutting torch

Oxy-fuel cutting torch 1set with motorized torch riser
Cutting tips KOIKE 100series tips
Cutting thickness Max.cutting thickness is subject to cutting tip size
Plasma cutting Torch holder 1set with motorized torch riser / Diameter 35mm
Available Plasma System Non high frequency arc start type Plasma system(Customer's scope of supply)
Plasma cable hold Transverse bar hold type
Torch protection Torch Magnetic de-coupler
Torch height control Initial height sensing / Arc voltage torch heoght control
Fume collecting system Not included.
CNC Model of CNC KOIKE D420
Operation panel 7 inch color LCD graphic display and key pad.
Language English, Japanese, Chinese 
Program input Manual MDI or by USB stick (up to 16GB)
Control axis X/Y 2axes control
Shape library 49 patterns
Operation function  Dry run, Reverse, Plate alignment, Mirror, etc.
CAD/CAM Model PNC-CAM2A [KAP Portable CNC editions]