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The Mini-Mantis II is a portable automatic H-beam oxy-fuel cutting machine. It is possible to perform fast and precise web and flange cuts on beam profiles.
The machine features two drive motors: one for web cutting, the other for flange cutting. For cutting webs the carriage travels along the guide rail, for cutting flanges the torch is moved by a vertical gear rack. It eliminates the need for secondary operations.


  • Guide rail and main unit are connected (short installation time)
  • Low weight (It is more economic to transport the machine to the work piece)
  • Diagonal cuts at the web and flange as well as beveling is possible till 45°
  • SCR control unit for steady feed

Scope of delivery

  • Cutting machine Mini Mantis II
  • Cutting nozzles (5-30 mm material thickness)
  • Connecting lead(5 m)
  • Tool set
  • Operation instructions

Technical specifications

Mini-Mantis II
 Cutting thickness 5-30 mm
 Cutting speed 100-700 mm / min
 Effective Cutting Range(Right angle) Web  150-600mm with 600 rail
Flange  150-400mm with ST-400
 Bevel Cutting Angle Web 0-35°
Flange 0-45°
 Drive Method Web friction
Flange Rack and Pinion
 Speed Control Method PWM Control
 Machine dimensions  (WxHxD) 500 mm x 760 mm x 1050 mm
 Type of gas Acetylene, propane, natural gas and mapp gas
 Weight 20.0 kg (Main body + 600 rail)